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You can add your Press Releases to this site free just as long as you observe the author guidelines.

Why can you submit UK Press Releases for free?

The answer is simple. We keep our costs to the bone by asking you to edit your own press release in accordance with our guidelines. If it doesn't meet our guidelines for a UK Press Release, then it will be rejected swiftly without huge editorial resource.

We don't need a big pool of people because we do not edit your articles. Our UK Press Releases Author Guidance is explained in clear terms that explain what we are looking for here at UK Press Releases. Articles that are rejected will normally do so without further explanation (again saving cost) by pointing you back at the author guidelines. In 99% of cases, self examination of the article will reveal the problem. If not, then you can ask for a detailed review by contacting

We do also use Skimlinks to monetise our site. does not rewrite existing links, but instead converts normal links to merchant or inserts links based on keyword to redirect to relevant stores by creating new affiliate links. If you are not happy with this, then please do not submit to UK Press Releases.

Will there be future costs with UK Press Releases?

We do not plan any cost to add your press releases here. However this will be kept under review and this may change on an individual basis subject to discussion should anyone consume unreasonable UK Press Releases staff resource through persistent failure to observe our guidelines. We hope to control this through banning persistent or incompetent offenders from using UK Press Release services, negating the need to pass on any charges to any organisation.

Play fair with UK Press Releases and we will play fair with Press Agencies.

Enjoy your free UK Press Releases.

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